mercredi 18 mai 2011

Anatomy of a Mashup : animation visuelle de Definitive Daft Punk

L'informaticien Cameron Adams a créé un mashup de 23 morceaux de Daft Punk et propose une animation en HTML5 et en CSS3 permettant de visualiser l’intégration des différents morceaux des Daft Punk tout au long du mashup. Epoustouflant !

Pour voir l'animation > Anatomy of a Mashup
Pour télécharger le morceau > Definitive Daft Punk mp3 (enregistrer la cible du lien)

Cameron Adams explique le projet ainsi :
"The art of the mashup has come to the fore in pop culture of recent years, but beyond Biggie Smalls crooning over Elton’s keys I feel that the general public understands little of the nuance that goes into constructing a complex mashup from tiny pieces of songs.

In order to explain the layering and interplay that goes into something like a Girl Talk album or The 139 Mix Tape I decided to take my own mashup of Daft Punk’s discography – Definitive Daft Punk – and reveal its entire structure: the cutting, layering, levels and equalisation of 23 different songs. By dividing up the sound data for each song and computing its appearance in realtime, the resulting visualisation gives you an understanding of the unique anatomy of this particular mashup.

The entire piece is composed from the latest HTML5 and CSS3 technology (canvas, audio, transforms & transitions) so you’ll need a newer browser to view it in. I recommend Chrome because it pulls off the best performance with my mangled code. All of the waveform and spectrum visualisation is performed in realtime, so your browser is rendering a music video on the fly!"

Voici les 23 morceaux utilisés : Da funk / Aerodynamic / Too Long / Oh Yeah / Steam Machine / Television rules the nation / Trom legacy / Alive / Burnin / Around the world / Voyager / Crescendolls / Mothership reconnection / Digital love / Harder, Better, Faster / Human after all / Face to face / Short circuit / Daftendirekt / Revolution 909 / Technologic / Chord memory / One more time

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